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My name is Lilly Milman and I make magazines! I am the assistant editor at Innovation Leader, a Boston-based business publication hyper-focused on corporate innovation and R&D. 

I am passionate about working on every aspect of a print publication. At Innovation Leader, I have overseen the entire publication process on a number of print products. For example, for our special issue Innovation Matters More, I did everything from thinking of a concept for the issue to writing and editing to layout. I even produced an ebook version


Most recently, I was the managing editor of Scout Cambridge and Scout Somerville, a pair of hyperlocal news magazines in the greater Boston area. In this role, I also oversaw the entire publication. At Scout, fielded pitches from freelancers, created issue themes for two magazines every two months, copy edited, contributed photography, and more. 

And before that, I was also a news reporter intern at the Skagway News in Skagway, AK, where I was able to pursue my passion for local news and do everything from reporting to layout to distribution. Read about my journey here!

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